Coreapex Security Support

CoreApex Security understands that for the average layperson, a home security alarm system can seem like an incredibly complicated series of cameras, access panels, wires and perhaps even components they cannot identify.

We also know that some people are hands-on and love to get to know every detail about their security systems while others just want to know enough so they operate it and be done. Whatever your personal attitude, we embrace it.

Every CoreApex member is an expert in his or her field and well-versed in how any system comes together. They love the opportunity to answer your questions and share their knowledge.

Apart from the personal knowledge of our staff, we have created an extensive home security website that is packed full of the answers to all the questions customers frequently ask. All that information is supplemented with a wealth of knowledge on how to identify systems, troubleshoot components and generally understand your options and your security system as well as you choose to.