Residential Homes

For most individuals, the safety and security of their family and home tops all other concerns. The beauty of a security alarm system is that it has immense deterrent value – most burglars and robbers will steer clear of premises that have a security system or burglar alarm conspicuously installed. If the worst case scenario does happen to occur and you find yourself the victim of a crime, video recordings and their time stamps make it a lot easier for police to identify and trace the criminals and your possessions. This means that you are more likely to retrieve the items that were lost and more quickly, too. Residential security systems allow you to observe the actions of the people to whom you voluntarily give access to your home. The nanny, babysitter, cleaners, gardeners and pool maintenance staff can be monitored via basic or hidden cameras. With our interconnected range of residential home security systems, you can monitor any part of your home from any room in the house, at work or even from halfway around the world.

Offices and Retail Stores

For many business owners, theft by customers and even staff members is of prime concern because they cut deeply into their businesses’ earnings. A combination of overt and covert cameras can help to identify problem areas, shortcomings in company training or policy, and unsuitable staff. They can be a great tool to boost productivity and combat slacking and theft. Monitored premises are also less likely to be burgled or vandalised by miscreants. Cameras that monitor the surrounding areas discourage undesirable individuals from gathering in the vicinity and indulging in activities that hurt the image of your business. Together, these advantages will help pay for the purchase, installation and maintenance of the security system itself very quickly.

Educational Institutions – Schools, Pre-schools and Universities

It is virtually impossible to find an educational institution today that does not have a security system installed on its premises. From cameras that cover the boundary walls and monitor access gates to in-class ones that act as a tool to promote better behaviour from both staff and students, a security system can make an immense difference to your reputation. Recordings can play an important role when allegations are made to verify or refute them quickly and effectively. A reliable security system goes a long way in convincing parents that your premises are safe and secure, capable of providing the positive environment in which their children will be able to learn and grow effectively.

Unmonitored and Semi-Monitored Areas – Vacant Lots, Carparks and Abandoned Buildings

Un-monitored areas quickly become a gathering place for society’s undesirable elements for the isolation and freedom they offer. Semi-monitored areas like large carparks with gate attendants can also pose the same problem. Our range of affordable security systems lets you cover every inch of your premises with overlapping arc of observation. This lets you monitor all areas with multiple cameras to ensure that no act or crime goes unseen. As with other locations, prominent security equipment is a very effective deterrent and prevents problems from arising in the first place.